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Check Out Hunger November 1 - December 31, 2014

Check Out Hunger The 20th Annunal, Check Out Hunger is again sponsored by the Lincoln Journal Star and KOLN/KGIN. During the months of November and December, over 35 area grocery stores will feature Check Out Hunger pads in $1, $5, and $10 denominations at checkout stands. Shoppers who would like to participate can tear off a coupon and hand it to the cashier, who then swipes the coupon's barcode, adding the corresponding amount to the shopper's grocery bill.

Based on these transactions the Food Bank accumulates an account in each partner store, and then purchases items for hungry neighbors at that store. It is a win-win-win promotion: the shopper can easily make a donation to help families in need, the stores make sales, and the Food Bank is able to gather its most needed items for distribution to its agencies. Check Out Hunger raises around $45,000 worth of food each winter for the hungry children, adults and seniors.

2014 Participating Stores

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For infants and young children, the effects of chronic malnutrition in the early years of life are largely irreversible.
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