How to Help the BackPack Program

It takes a lot of strong financial support and hundreds of volunteers to make the Food Bank BackPack Program happen. Partners of the BackPack Program include: Lincoln Public Schools, Catholic Social Services, St. Mary’s Catholic School, Sacred Heart Catholic School, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, St. Patrick’s Catholic School, Kiwanis Clubs, Southwood Lutheran Church, Sheridan Lutheran Church, Capitol City Christian Church, First-Plymouth Congregational Church, Saint Paul United Methodist, St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Seventh Day Adventist, Hope Community Church, Living Faith Free Methodist Church, LPS VOICE students, corporations, foundations and individuals.

The food used for the Food Bank BackPack Program consists of purchased food to ensure a consistent supply of food for each backpack. Various menus include peanut butter and jelly, concentrated fruit juice, boxes of cereal, macaroni and cheese, canned fruits and vegetables along with bread and egg vouchers. Students in Lincoln receive two pieces of fresh fruit weekly and a voucher for a gallon of milk once a month thanks in part to the Community Health Endowment.

Please join the Food Bank, Lincoln Public Schools and our rural communities in our work to feed hungry children and their families.


Provide financial support

Sponsor a student for a week, a semester, a year or longer.
-The cost to supply one child with a backpack for one school year is $200
-To sponsor a child for a semester is $100
-To sponsor a child for a month is $25
-The cost to sponsor one child for a week is $5.88


Donate a backpack or coordinate a backpack drive (backpacks must be gender neutral with two straps and large enough to hold a box of cereal). For more information contact Alynn Sampson



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Fact: According to USDA numbers, a person consumes approximately 25 pounds of food per week. So a person needs 3.5 pounds of food per day.