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Solve hunger with innovative action and tools for change.

Bridges Out of Poverty

Bridges Out of Poverty is a model, a framework, an approach, a body of work and research that provides a deeper understanding of and common language for the new culture of poverty. It also offers a platform for innovative action and tools for change that can lead to lowering poverty rates. Bridges training presents penetrating insight into economic class and the hidden rules and mental models that exist within each class.

Initial funding for Bridges Out of Poverty in Nebraska is provided by Lincoln Community Foundation and Food Bank of Lincoln.

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Learn more about Bridges and the aha! process.

Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-by World

Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-by World is a program that offers useful tools, practical advice and valuable communication to help individuals and families who are directly affected by poverty.

Read a testimonial written by a single mother who participated in a Bridges Out of Poverty “Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World session.

Register for upcoming classes, when available, in our Events calendar.

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Class Details:

12 sessions

1 class/week

Class size will not exceed 16 people; apply early!

All classes will meet at ConnectioN Point, 1333 N. 33rd St, Lincoln, Neb.

Upon finishing the course, you will receive $20 for each session attended.

Childcare provided at no cost to participants.

Safe and encouraging environment.

A facilitator will attend each session to keep the group on track–not to tell the group what to do–and help gather input, organize ideas, and explore solutions.

Questions: If you need additional information, please contact Alynn Sampson via email or (402) 466-8170, ext. 1993.

What to expect from the “Getting Ahead” program:

Identify your strengths and build a personal future story.

Work to build financial resources for you and your family.

Learn about “hidden rules” and become skilled at using them to build resources.

Receive long-term support, from people and resources in Lancaster County, to help you achieve your future plans.

Become part of building a community where everyone can live well.

What is expected of me?

Commitment to attend ALL classes.

Actively participate in discussions.

Complete the lessons in the workbook (workbook provided at no charge).

Engage in some discovery work that may occur outside of class.

Be open to new ideas.

How do I qualify?

Must live in Lancaster County.

Must be 18 years or older.

Must be able to read and speak English at a conversational level.

Must fill out an application (available on the event page).