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Mobile Food

Neighborhood FOOD Program

The Food Bank of Lincoln works with the Center for People in Need to sponsor mobile pantries in Lincoln. This program, called Neighborhood FOOD, is held at community gathering places in some of Lincoln’s most economically challenged areas and currently serves approximately 1,300 families per week. On the best of weeks, families take home an assortment of canned food, dry goods such as boxed dinners, frozen meat, salvaged produce and baked goods, and occasionally personal care items. These items can serve as valuable income extenders for struggling households.

Mobile Food Distributions

Free for ANY person in need, The Food Bank of Lincoln cooperates with member agencies in Southeast Nebraska to sponsor mobile Food distributions at local sites. Each site includes distribution of some USDA product, so participants must sign the standard income self-verification sheet, but no other documentation is required. Participants are encouraged to bring their own bags and carts if possible.

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Downloadable Food & Meal Site Information