Feeding America

Doing Things Right Isn’t Always Enough

December 3, 2018

A single mother of four, Emily’s family is living on $300 a month – bringing stress that keeps her wide awake all night. The SNAP (Food Stamps) Outreach Program at the Food Bank has been a saving grace, and without them, she believes her family would go hungry. 

Emily did everything right, but like many others, life happened and circumstances didn’t go in her favor. She studied hard and got a college degree, got married, and worked as a teacher until debilitating disabilities forced her home. 

Her family’s food stamps were cut this past year by $11 – which is two days of food for her children. This cut has led to buying cheaper, less nutritious food and depending on organizations like the Food Bank.

Emily is devastated by news she has heard about further cuts to food stamps – wondering how this help can be taken away from people – especially those who aren’t abusing the system. She knows her children’s futures are bright, and right now her focus is providing basic nutrition to help them get there.

The Food Bank will continue being there for families like Emily’s, because even if you do everything right, life can still spin out of your control.

*Name has been changed for privacy

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