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Sylvie Bonilla
Network Capacity Manager
(402) 466-8170, ext. 1987

Elijah Carpenter
Route Driver, CDL
(402) 466-8170, ext. 1996

Justin Clarke
Route Driver, CDL
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2002

Ciara Dickson
Distribution Center Coordinator
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2004

Tim Dishman
Route Driver
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2017

Jenny Ekeler
Chief Financial Officer
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2005

Amanda Fahrer
Communications Director
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2007

Patti Flynn
Finance Specialist
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2008

Kenneth Havlicek
Distribution Center Specialist II
(402) 466-8170

Jason Helgren
Operations Director
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2012

William Kieffe
Distribution Center Specialist
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2014

Michaella Kumke
President & CEO
(402) 466-8170, ext. 1982

Gary Lockett
Fleet & Route Driver Manager, CDL
(402) 466-8170, ext. 1983

Annelise Lowery
Special Events & Design Coordinator
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2009

John Mabry
Chief Relationship Officer
(402) 466-8170, ext. 1984

Larry Marley
Route Driver
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2013

Ana Martinez
SNAP Outreach Coordinator
402-466-8170, ext. 1985

Ryan Meyer
Distribution Center Manager
402-466-8170, ext. 1986

Erin Mundus
Finance & HR Specialist
402-466-8170, ext. 1994

Tiffany Murray
Chief Operating Officer
402-466-8170, ext. 1993

Thanh Y Nguyen
Communications Assistant
(402) 466-8170, ext. 1991

Joy Olmstead
Federal Nutrition Programs Coordinator
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2003

Jason Pauling
Corporate Partnerships Director
(402) 466-8170, ext. 1999

Linda Pieper
Donor Relations Coordinator
(402) 466-8170, ext. 1988

Tommy Redd
Food Sourcing Director
(402) 466-8170, ext. 1989

James Reilly
SNAP Education & Outreach Coordinator
402-466-8170, ext. 1990

Lauren Ritta
Volunteer Coordinator
(402) 466-8170, ext. 1992

Cameron Ronspies 
Distribution Center Specialist II
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2006

Georgann Roth
Community Resource Manager
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2011

Dane Schmitt
Front Office Specialist
(402) 466-8170, ext. 2010

Dan Shoemaker
Route Driver
(402) 466-8170, ext. 1995

Kati Umberger
Youth & Senior Programs Manager
402-466-8170, ext. 1997

Mia Wilson
Volunteer Assistant
402-466-8170, ext. 2001

Moses Yong
Route Driver
402-466-8170, ext. 2000

Board of Directors

Paula Hodges, President 

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

Michelle Sitorius, Vice President

Cline Williams Law Firm

Steph Ledbetter, Past President 

Zelle HR Solutions

Ron Jester, Treasurer        

Labenz & Associates LLC

Marc Hausmann

NAI FMA Realty

Mariana Hunt

Union Bank & Trust

Jason Muhleisen

Union Bank & Trust

Dr. Takako Olson

Lincoln Public Schools

Ben Pankonin      

Social Assurance

Kayla Pham

Wellness Pharmacy

Linda Sackschewsky

Jones Bank

Nancy Tellez

City of Crete

Dennis Van Horn

Van Horn Custom Homes


Foundation Board Members

Scott Young, Foundation Board President
Retired, Food Bank of Lincoln

Steph Ledbetter, Foundation Board Vice President
Past President of Food Bank of Lincoln Board of Directors
Zelle HR Solutions

Paula Hodges, President of Food Bank of Lincoln Board of Directors
Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

Becky Gould
Nebraska Appleseed

Michaella Kumke, President & CEO
Food Bank of Lincoln

Dr. Marilyn Moore
Retired, Bryan College of Health Sciences

Dave Wilcox
Retired, UBT

Jenny Ekeler, Treasurer
Food Bank of Lincoln

Amanda Fahrer, Secretary
Food Bank of Lincoln

John Mabry
Food Bank of Lincoln


The Food Bank of Lincoln Foundation was established in 2006 with the thought that no one in our community should suffer from hunger. The Mission of the Food Bank of Lincoln Foundation is to support the work of the Food Bank of Lincoln. Our Foundation was created to ensure the financial future for the work of the Food Bank, and to offer our supporters a way to provide an ongoing gift to feed the hungry far into the future.

There are many ways to provide a gift or otherwise endow the Foundation. We receive gifts of cash, appreciated securities, and are able to set up irrevocable trust arrangements. Gifts to the Foundation can be made through your estate, or by trust agreements, through specific cash or asset bequests, gifts of retirement plan assets or other approved methods that may be suggested by your legal or financial advisors.

 Common practices for Foundation bequests include:

  • Beneficiary of your IRA, profit sharing plan, life insurance or annuity
  • Beneficiary under a charitable remainder annuity or unitrust
  • Through a charitable gift annuity
  • As a specific bequest under your will

Call the Food Bank of Lincoln Foundation for a planned giving consultation. We can assist you and your advisors as you are considering the Foundation in your giving plans. It is important that you seek the advice of legal and tax counsel before making any decisions regarding these matters. If you have an interest in providing ongoing support to the Food Bank, are interested in more information about the Foundation, please contact John Mabry at (402) 466-8170, ext. 1984 or via email.

Join us in bringing food to the tables of those in need and alleviating hunger in Southeast Nebraska.

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