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Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative

The Food Bank of Lincoln’s Bridges Out of Poverty initiative is an effort to bring communities together and foster a common language around poverty that can thoughtfully and systematically build bridges out of poverty. The Bridges initiative brings different sectors together around the same table to discuss the effects of poverty on individuals and communities—enabling learning, experiencing, problem-solving and making life better, together.


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Bridges Out of Poverty is a community-wide, community-facing initiative where businesses, organizations and individuals use a socio-economic lens to explore and understand the many factors that contribute to poverty. This workshop shares common language, tools and strategies that can be immediately implemented into organizations, or a Bridges trainer can dive deeper with more targeted training for your organization’s unique needs.

Workplace Stability is a curriculum designed for employers who are seeking to improve employee retention and performance in an economically diverse workforce.

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Getting Ahead In A Just-Gettin’-By World is a kitchen table-style learning experience for neighbors who are living in or near poverty. Through 10-12 weekly classes, attendees, (investigators) explore their world through the lens of socio-economic class and how poverty affects their lives. As the expert on their own lives, Getting Ahead investigators co-investigate with others to plan their future stories and build a life of opportunity. Investigators receive a stipend for time spent in class. Materials, meals and a caring, safe space are provided.

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