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Lincoln Fresh

Lincoln Fresh…Where healthy is FREE!

In 2019, the Lincoln Fresh Mobile Distribution Truck made 269 stops, distributing 108,647 pounds of fresh fruit and produce to 12,985 visitors. We are grateful to the Community Health Endowment for its continued partnership in our work to make Lincoln the healthiest community in the nation.

If you have visited any of our Lincoln Fresh stops, we’d love to hear from you. We welcome your suggestions on how we can improve this service. Or if you’d care to provide a testimonial on how Lincoln Fresh made a difference for you or your family, we’d be grateful for your comments. You can help us demonstrate the impact of Lincoln Fresh when we apply for grants and other financial support to keep the Lincoln Fresh Truck stocked and on the move. Submit your comments by email.

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Lincoln Fresh Schedule 2022

September 5-10, September 12-17, September 19-24, September 26-October 1