Feeding America

‘Doing What We Can’

June 4, 2024

“As inflation keeps going up, my income gets smaller,” explains Shirley who relies on Social Security. “I’m afraid prices are only going to get higher, and that’s sad because our social security doesn’t go up that much to warrant all of the increases. It’s hard. We all have to do what we can to make it work.

“I see a lot of older people like me at the grocery store who put things back because they can’t afford it and it breaks my heart. We’re all in that boat. We can’t just shop like we want to anymore.”

To help make ends meet, Shirley attends food distributions. She also lives with her son—and predicts more families will begin moving in together. Housing costs are “out of sight,” she notes, sharing that her rent recently increased $200 a month—a steep jump for her and her son’s fixed incomes.

“It’s very complicated to survive. I have to rely on food distributions like everyone else, here [at a mobile food distribution]. I’m very grateful for the Food Bank because they really help out.”

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