Feeding America

More than Just Food

January 16, 2019

Susan is 55 years old and an avid runner. While standing in line at our food distribution, she met a special friend who is developmentally delayed. They’ve formed a great relationship and now run together every Tuesday after they receive their food. Susan has met some of her best friends in line at the Food Bank. She calls them her family.

Susan says, “I only have a few dollars for groceries each month and coming to the Food Bank allows me to eat some foods that I otherwise wouldn’t eat.” And if there is food that Susan doesn’t normally eat, or she has had enough of, she makes sure to put it in the hands of a homeless individual on her walk home.

Susan doesn’t have a car – she walks everywhere she goes, but her positivity is unstoppable. “To be honest, I’m glad I can’t afford a car. They are a headache to maintain and I stay healthier by walking many miles each day.” Susan went on to say, “And if I had a car, I wouldn’t have met some of the people who I now interact with each day.”


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