Feeding America

Unfortunate Circumstances

January 16, 2019

Penny is a single mother and has always worked multiple jobs to support her daughters. Over a year ago, her health began to spiral downward and she knew eventually she would not be able to keep up with the demands of her construction jobs. Before long, Penny was let go because she was unable to perform the duties she was hired for. She knew times were going to get tough, but what she feared the most was letting her kids down.

Penny said, “Food prices are so high right now and the amounts are smaller at the store. So, the assistance I’m receiving from the Food Bank has been outstanding. They are even helping with hygiene items, which are a huge blessing.”

The Food Bank works every day with hard-working people who’ve met unfortunate circumstances, like Penny, helping them to keep food in their fridges.

“Since I had my first child, I promised myself that each time they opened the refrigerator they would never see it empty,” Penny said.

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