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The Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is a critical piece of federal legislation centered around food and farming. It is typically reauthorized every five years. In November 2023, a Continuing Resolution was signed into law that temporarily extended government funding through early 2024. This legislation also extended the 2018 Farm Bill through Sept. 30, 2024.

With a direct impact on access to nutritious meals for millions of people facing hunger in the United States, including an estimated 48,100 neighbors here in Southeast Nebraska, we need a bipartisan Farm Bill that helps keep food on the table.

What does this mean for Food Banks?

Federal Nutrition Programs are essential components to meal connecting at the Food Bank of Lincoln. In fiscal year 2023, these programs accounted for about 19% of our total meals connected. Learn more about each program below.

The Emergency Food Assistance Program

Moving food from farms to food banks to families facing hunger.

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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Monthly food benefits to assist with grocery expenses.

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Commodity Supplemental Food Program

A monthly box of nourishing foods for seniors 60+.

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Take Action!

We have an opportunity to help both farmers and communities in need that only comes around twice a decade. Click here to ask Congress to pass a strong Farm Bill that increases funding for key federal agriculture and nutrition programs! 

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