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Food Bank Leader Announces Retirement

Following a nearly 20-year career at the Food Bank of Lincoln, Executive Director Scott Young has announced his plan to retire. On April 30, 2021, Young will step away from leading the Food Bank’s daily operations.

“It is hard to adequately express my abundant gratitude for so many friends: donors, non-profit and corporate partners, staff members past and present, Board members past and present, volunteers who have carried our organization for years, foundation leaders, community leaders, school administrators, teachers, school staff members, Food Bankers around the country,” Young said. “The list of people who have touched my Food Bank life is lengthy and cherished. All have said “Yes” to the hard work of alleviating hunger in Southeast Nebraska.

The work is as important now as it was when the Food Bank opened in 1982. People needed us when I joined the fray on 9/10/01. The pandemic has increased the importance and the need of the Food Bank. On 4/30, I will exit the leadership role, but not the fight. Together we have made enormous strides but there is plenty left for all of us to do. And we will do it.

Thanks for your willingness and ongoing commitment to making the heavy loads of so many lives a little lighter.”

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