Feeding America

Bridges Out of Poverty



A community-wide, community-facing initiative where businesses, organizations and individuals use a socio-economic lens to explore and understand the many factors that contribute to poverty. This workshop shares common language, tools and strategies that can be immediately implemented into organizations, or a Bridges trainer can dive deeper with more targeted training for your organization’s unique needs.

If your business or organization is interested in a Bridges Training, please contact Georgann Roth at groth@lincolnfoodbank.org.



Workplace Stability

A curriculum designed for employers who are seeking to improve employee retention and performance in an economically diverse workforce. Our certified trainer can present Workplace Stability concepts to your professional organization, HR team, executives, or managers of employee positions that tend to have the most turnover. The training discusses the root causes of many performance issues (Hint: it is often related to things happening outside of work) and offers suggestions for employers to address these in order to retain talented employees.

If your business or organization is interested in a Bridges Out of Poverty Workplace Stability training, please contact Clover Frederick at Clover@cloverfrederick.com.



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