Feeding America


Agency Ordering and Inventory

Agency Express Online Ordering

Monthly Survey Report

Your feedback regarding orders and meals/pounds served is invaluable to us. As a partner agency, you agree to complete a Mandatory Monthly Survey Report. You can complete this report using the Agency Express system.

Ordering Deadlines and Reminders

Due to limited staff capacity during the pandemic, we need orders at least three business days ahead of their pick up or delivery time.

Please pay attention to the units of measure and order accordingly.


Order Submitted       —-»     Order Will Be Ready

Monday by 8 a.m.        —-»     Thursday

Tuesday by 8 a.m.        —-»     Monday

Wednesday by 8 a.m.   —-»     Monday

Thursday by 8 a.m.       —-»     Tuesday

Friday by 8 a.m.           —-»     Wednesday

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